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Guide to Daily Living

Medical Services:Emergency Aid and Health Care

In the Event of Illness or Injury
When you become ill or are injured, you should go to the hospital. To prepare for such times, make sure you know the location of the hospital beforehand. In addition, be sure you have enrolled in the national health insurance system to assist in medical expenditures.

(1)When Going to the Hospital

The first time you go to the hospital, it is recommended that you ask a Japanese person, or a friend or acquaintance who speaks Japanese, to go with you.
Before going to the hospital, make a note of your symptoms so it will be easier to explain.
If you have health insurance, the costs will be much less expensive.
*Things to take when you go: health insurance card; money

(2)In Case of Emergency

If you have a serious illness or other emergency, please call 119. After being connected to the fire department, please request an ambulance.
When calling 119 (in emergency situations):

  1. Explain the situation.
    For example: you suddenly feel ill; you've been injured; there's been a traffic accident

  2. Explain where the emergency has occurred.
    For example: "It is xxx, Tsubame-shi, **** machi (or cho) ++ banchi."
    *If you do not know the address, please describe the location, including surrounding buildings and landmarks.
    For example: "It is xxx, next to the **** shop."

  3. Explain the condition of the sick individual(s).

    *Who is sick, and what has happened?
    For example: "My grandfather has collapsed on the toilet."

    *What are the sick individual’s condition, age, and gender?
    For example: "My 80 year old grandfather has lost consciousness."

  4. When calling, provide your name and telephone number.